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October 2, 2023
By: WomanHaven

Domestic Violence Awareness Month October 2023

Join us this October as we stand together for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month! WomanHaven will be hosting an inspiring series of events throughout October that will shine a light on this crucial issue.

Embrace the strength of solidarity by wearing purple attire not just on Monday, October 2nd, but every Friday throughout this month.

We invite you to capture this moment of unity by snapping a selfie or a group photo with your friends, family, or co-workers, all proudly displaying the color of empowerment: purple.

Share your snapshots with the world on social media, using the #PurpleFriday hashtag and be sure to tag us @womanhaven. Together, let's make October a month of awareness, support, and change.

For a calendar of our October events see below or click here.

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